Selling a property at auction:

Selling a property at auction

For property owners who are looking for a faster sale in this sluggish market, a property auction can be an innovative and effective method of selling real estate. It is an intense process that involves the public sale of any property and which moves forward from instructions being given to actual completion in a much shorter timescale than would otherwise be the case. Once the gavel or hammer goes down the Seller has the re- assurance of knowing that the Buyer will be signing a Contract immediately and also paying the necessary deposit. The deal is then binding and there is no possibility of a proposed Buyer simply not proceeding.  Auctions are definitely a win-win proposition for everyone involved as described.

Why sell with BRG Gibson Auctions?

Local Knowledge & Expertise
-  Our experienced team of Valuers & Auctioneers have unique knowledge & expertise in the Irish marketplace both, North and South. We are very well placed to offer accurate valuations and sales advice for Northern Irish and Southern Irish land & property.

Proven Auction Results - Our  Sales Team has been formed from the leading current Northern Irish Property Auctioneers. We have taken the best Auctioneers, Valuers and Sales Support Staff to form BRG Gibson Auctions Ltd.

Professional Valuers & Auctioneers - You can be assured of our Expertise, Experience, Integrity and Honesty. We are a Fully Insured and Indemnified, Registered Limited Company.

Focused Marketing - We spend heavily on both traditional & on-line marketing, maintain an extensive buyer base & provide unique high visibility signage. This ensures an aggressive marketing programme that increases interest and visibility of your property.

Online Advertising - We have tremendously powerful advertising campaigns, offering much more exposure than any other Agency and more on-line advertising than any other auctioneer we are aware of. We provide access to the vast majority of potential Buyers searching for properties. Simply call Chris Johnson on tel. 02890 393966 or email the 

         1. The full address and postcode of your property
         2. The current Agent, if any
         3. Your mobile number and email address,

and send it to: